“You’re the best!” “Great work!” “Coolest dentist ever!” “Wow, that didn’t hurt at all!” “My smile looks amazing thanks to you!”
Those are all great compliments. But do you want to know our favorite?
“You work well together.”
This one is the most meaningful to us. We always love hearing how comfortable our offices are and how great the care is, but we wouldn’t be able to provide any of that without strong teamwork. We cultivate a familial atmosphere here, among both staff and patients – we value and respect one another. Our highest aspiration is to provide you the best care possible. We can only do that when we are working together as a team. When we are functioning as a happy and healthy team, we are able to focus on you and your needs. The strength of our team allows us to serve patients in an efficient, effective and enthusiastic way.
Efficient Care
Our team’s efficiency means your appointments are productive. We do what needs to be done in the allotted time frame. They’re not extremely long, and generally you don’t need multiple follow-up appointments. Efficiency also implies competency. Dr. Henritze and Dr. Newton have over 50 years of dental experience between them; that’s a lot of time to practice! With two dentists, we can provide amazing dental care to more patients.
Effective Care
Effective care is described as producing a desired or intended result. Our team approaches each appointment with a predetermined plan. We will explain the process to you, because transparency and comfort are important to us and our patients. If, by chance, it will take more than one appointment to achieve that desired result, we will go through what that means for you and how we can make it happen as soon as possible. Effective care – to us – is getting the job done right the first time.
Enthusiastic Care
Last, and certainly not least, is our commitment to providing enthusiastic care. From our dentists and hygienists to our front office staff, we all truly love our jobs. Dental care is much more than just an annual cleaning. We get to help you and your family, ease worries, help you become more comfortable with your smile, eliminate pain, and so much more. We try to convey that as much as possible in every interaction throughout your visit, from, scheduling to completion. No one likes to be served by someone who clearly isn’t enjoying what they do – that’s not us. We show our commitment to our field and to you every day.
Come by and see us for a visit, and you will see what we are talking about. Or, see what our patients have to say about us. We would love the chance to serve you, because in our office it is our family treating yours.