Are you planning to tell your dentist about a concerning issue with your teeth? Or perhaps you are simply interested in dentistry. We love it too. That’s why Andrew Henritze DDS in Roanoke, Virginia has offered a short list of dental vocabulary for beginners. Note that if the words below are already recognizable to you, don’t stop reading. You may find new pieces of information in the details that may be useful to you.

Crown: The crown is that aspect of the tooth that is observable inside the mouth. Its form indicates its purpose. Sharp incisors are used for tearing off bite-sized portions of food, for instance, whereas molars are used for grinding food into smaller pieces. This kind of crown is different from dental crowns which are fashioned in a lab to protect damaged teeth.

Gum line: The gum line is positioned where the crown and the gums meet up. Remember that it is imperative to be consistent with your oral hygiene so as to avoid plaque which can build up along the gum line. If you do not clear away the plaque, you may develop gum disease.

Root: Did you know that two-thirds of your teeth are actually hidden in the gums and jawbone? This part is called the root, and it literally holds the tooth in place, like the root of a plant.

We hope that these descriptions help you to voice your concerns or ideas with Dr. Andrew W Henritze, DDS or anyone else with whom you decide to talk. If you have any other questions about anything at all, please feel free to phone (540) 989-6600. We’re here to serve.