During a regular dental visit, Dr. Andrew W Henritze, DDS will perform a deep-cleaning on your teeth to ensure your teeth are in tip-top shape. Another thing he can do is screen for oral cancer.
Getting screened for oral cancer on a regular basis is very important, especially if you have a family history of the disease. But what makes it so imperative is the fact that 84% of oral cancer can be detected early – often before you notice any symptoms yourself.
By catching the problems earlier, this drastically reduces your risk of suffering from long-term oral cancer effects. However, in an effort to help you remain as on top of your oral health as possible, our team here at Andrew Henritze DDS has put together the following information on oral cancer to give you a leg up on the problem.
The most common symptoms of oral cancer are:
• Red and white patches in your mouth
• Spots or sores that bleed continuously and never heal
• Lumps or hard spots in your mouth
• Numbness or pain when biting
Any of these symptoms should be immediate cause to contact Dr. Andrew W Henritze, DDS. While they may not be always be signs of oral cancer, it’s better to be safe than sorry, and we’re more than happy to accommodate you if you feel you need an emergency appointment. You can contact us directly at (540) 989-6600.