Meet Dr. Henritze

How would we describe Dr. Andrew Henritze? Two words: family man. As a father of 6, husband, and dentist, Dr. Henritze leads an exciting and busy life. Dr. Henritze’s venture into dentistry began at a young age. I knew at the age of 12 that I wanted to be a dentist. “I love working with… Read more »

The Steps to Building a Better Smile: Aging and Dental Health

Never let your oral healthcare go to waste, as it is important to maintain a healthy smile the rest of your life. By doing so, you can help ensure your teeth will function effectively for the rest of your years. Try to make sure you’re practicing effective cleaning habits daily to certify your mouth remains… Read more »

Enjoy Your Smile Thanks to Dental Damage Prevention

  In order to keep your smile safe, it requires more than just proper cleaning and oral health restorations. Even though the use of oral appliances to protect your teeth such as mouth guards can be helpful, they are of no use if your teeth are constantly put in harm’s way. Thus, it is important… Read more »

A Damaged Dental Crown Needs to Be Addressed by a Dentist

Dental crowns are created in a special dental lab from durable materials like gold alloy, base metals, or dental grade porcelain-ceramic. This gives them the strength to fully replace the enamel layer on a tooth that has been significantly compromised by a cavity, dental fracture, or chronic dental attrition. While it is rare, there are… Read more »

A Simple Dental Filling Might Be Needed to Treat a Small Area of Tooth Decay

Poor oral hygiene practices can create an acidic environment to develop in your mouth. If it’s not countered in some way this chronic condition could gradually start to demineralize an area of tooth enamel causing a cavity. Early symptoms that tooth decay has started to affect a tooth could include discomfort and increased sensitivity in… Read more »

How Night Guards Protect Your Teeth During Sleep

When most of our family and friend hear the words “mouth guard,” they think of the kind of mouth guards they wore during sports clubs. Oral mouth guards have a slightly more detailed purpose, and they’re slightly more complex than the boil-and-bite type. One kind of dental mouth guard is the night guard, which can… Read more »

Words to Describe Parts of the Tooth

Are you planning to tell your dentist about a concerning issue with your teeth? Or perhaps you are simply interested in dentistry. We love it too. That’s why Andrew Henritze DDS in Roanoke, Virginia has offered a short list of dental vocabulary for beginners. Note that if the words below are already recognizable to you,… Read more »

Don’t Miss out on Your End-Of-Year Dental Health Benefits

Does your dental health insurance plan run out after December 31st? If so, don’t miss out on your end of year dental health benefits. Now is the time to visit Dr. Andrew W Henritze, DDS and our team in Roanoke, Virginia if you haven’t had your preventative care and dental cleanings this year. Not only is preventative… Read more »

Tips for a Fast Tooth Extraction Recovery

Are you having a tooth extracted? Then you want to have the best chance of a successful and speedy tooth extraction recovery. That’s why Andrew Henritze DDS has created this guide to help you prepare for your extraction. Here are some guidelines to follow: – Do not drink or eat until your anesthesia has worn… Read more »

For Men: Oral Health Hazards and Safeguards

Did you know that when it comes to oral health, men may have different concerns than women? We at Andrew Henritze DDS would love to help increase your awareness of your potential health risks and what you can do to prevent or resolve these concerns. Did you know that some medications result in what is… Read more »