Do you have a dry, sticky mouth? If so, you might have dry mouth. Dry mouth is a dental condition that involves having inadequate flow of saliva, which is pretty obvious. However, even though it’s obvious, it’s also a dangerous dental issue that can alter your oral health. Because you’re short on saliva, the debris in your smile will not be washed and the acids in your mouth will not be neutralized. This condition is known to promote tooth decay, so it’s best to do everything you can to treat it.
The symptoms of dry mouth include:

  • A constant sore throat
  • A burning sensation
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Trouble speaking
  • Hoarseness
  • Dry nasal passages

There are many things you can do to treat dry mouth, including chewing or sucking on sugar-free gum or candy on a regular basis to stimulate saliva flow. Other treatments include using artificial saliva and oral rinses. Another great way to treat your dry mouth is to stop using tobacco products.
You can also prevent dry mouth. All you need to do is drink 8 FL oz. of water each day, use a humidifier in your home, breathe through your nose the majority of the time, and avoid using medications that cause dry mouth.
Dry mouth is an inconvenient condition that can promote tooth decay if you let it. So, it is very important that you do everything you can to create constant saliva flow. If you want to talk to your dentist, Dr. Andrew W Henritze, DDS, about the problem, please call us now at (540) 989-6600 and schedule an appointment. We will be happy to help you!