Smile Makeover Finally puts Smile Muscles to Work

Diana Hamilton is wins a lifechanging smile makeover

“Absolutely. One-hundred-and-ten percent.”

That’s Diana Hamilton’s approval rating for her $5,000 Smile Makeover from Henritze Dental Group, when asked if going through the procedure to give her a new smile was worth it.

Hamilton responded to a Facebook advertisement to win the Smile Makeover from Henritze Dental Group and was thrilled with the results. She had suffered from a host of dental issues that were causing her both physical and emotional pain. Missing teeth prompted her to cover her mouth with her hand when she spoke or laughed, and she was so distraught she couldn’t even talk with her daughter about the condition of her teeth.

“A lot of people who know me, who’ve known me a while, don’t know how bad it was because I don’t talk about it, I don’t show it,” Hamilton said.

That all changed when she walked into the office of Henritze Dental Group nearly three months ago to start the process of receiving her new smile. She was more than thrilled with the results.

“It’s life-changing, it really is,” Hamilton said. “This is something I’ve wanted for so long. The before and after is a big thing, and knowing that this is what I get for the rest of my life makes me very happy.”

The procedure giving Hamilton a new smile also helped alleviate her physical pain.

“My headaches are gone,” she said. “I’ve lived with headaches for fifteen years and I haven’t had one since.” Hamilton mentioned she does have a new type of pain — a happy pain — because she’s using her cheek muscles like never before to smile so much.

The happiness with her new smile is not lost on Dr. Andrew Henritze, Founder of Henritze Dental Group.

“I wish we could do it for everybody,” Dr. Henritze said. “I think about the thousands of people who need this help and we’ve been able to help out quite a few. I just want people to know that it is possible to change your smile.”

Throughout her procedure, Hamilton benefitted from Henritze Dental Group’s use of local labs, giving the practice the flexibility to treat her unique challenges.

“One of the trends in dentistry is to use the big laboratories in the country. ” Dr. Henritze said. “But I can pick up the phone and tell my local lab that I have an issue and the technician can actually come over to my office and be here to address it. That’s just something you can’t get from a big lab.”

The lab work for Hamilton’s procedures was donated in part by Eric Kessler, Henritze Dental Group’s local lab partner.

The combination of Henritze Dental Group’s patient-friendly approach and using local resources for lab work led to a great experience for Hamilton.

“I sure wouldn’t have wanted to go through this process with anybody else,” Hamilton said. “You’ve been fun to work with and the pain was minimal. If you need dental work, Dr. Henritze is your man.”

Hamilton added, “From the first time I walked into the office with tears strolling down my face after I found out that I’d won, I looked forward to coming to the office every time.”

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