Whitening Your Teeth: What Are the Options?

What’s one of the first things you notice about someone? Is it their hair, their clothes, their shoes? Maybe, but you’ll definitely notice their smile, especially if their smile is bright and pearly white. Whitening your teeth is an easy way to boost both your confidence and the health of your teeth. So how can… Read more »

What’s New?

What’s new you ask? A lot! We have some exciting changes coming to Henritze Dental Group that we want you to know about: New logo. New doctor. New hours. Change can be scary, but we can explain. New Logo If you’ve seen our website or Facebook page recently, you may have noticed that something has… Read more »

Grin and Bare It: What to Do for Dental Injuries

The best part about hockey isn’t the friendly competition or the skating. No, the best part about hockey is the fist-fighting. A National Hockey League (NHL) game without a few people being slammed into the boards, or without a few tussles, isn’t a real NHL game. While the players are covered head-to-toe in padding and… Read more »

Keeping Their Smiles Bright: Dental Exams for Children

Kids grow up so fast. Before you know it, their first teeth are coming in! Children’s dental exams are an important part of monitoring their health as they grow. Since many adults have anxieties about their own dental appointments, we understand that they may be nervous about bringing their kids. Rest assured: we’re trained and… Read more »

We’re Hiring!

We have an exciting announcement to share – we’re hiring! We are currently seeking a full-time dental assistant/front desk staff member to join our team. While experience is preferred for this position, it is not required. For more information about this position, please call our office at 540-989-6600. If you, or someone you know, would… Read more »

Rockledge: The House on Mill Mountain

**We would like to thank Drs. Kevin and Nancy Dye for allowing us to visit their home and for the opportunity to share the Rockledge story.** Did you know that Roanoke, Virginia is the only city in the United States that has a mountain directly in its center? Can you guess what mountain we are… Read more »

Meet Dr. Newton

Exciting things are happening at Henritze Dental Group! We are thrilled to share that we are adding another member to the Henritze family. Join us in welcoming Dr. Richard Newton to our team! How would Dr. Newton describe his journey to dentistry? Two words: divine intervention. Believe it or not, Dr. Newton originally had a… Read more »

What is Dental Bonding?

What do you think of when you hear “dental bonding?” Do you image your teeth becoming friends with one another (“bonding” so to speak?” Or maybe you imagine the gaps between your teeth being filled, each tooth being “bonded” to another. Neither of those is quite right (although we do love the idea of our… Read more »

What to Do if Dental Work Makes You Anxious

Anxiety about going to the dentist is a real issue for many people. The Cleveland Clinic states that between 9%-15% of Americans actively avoid going to the dentist due to fear and anxiety. Many people will put up with tooth pain, bleeding gums, and even broken teeth just to avoid seeing a dentist. We understand… Read more »

Why You Must Stay on Top of Dental Hygiene Exams

We all remember, when we were kids, Mom or Dad would take us to get a teeth cleaning at the dentist – right? It was fun, easy and you usually got a surprise at the end! Do you still go to your dentist regularly like you did back then? You may be too old now… Read more »