How Do You REALLY Brush Your Teeth?

“How do you REALLY brush your teeth?” That seems like a silly question. Doesn’t everyone know? You swipe your toothbrush across your teeth a few times twice a day and BAM – you’re covered. Right? Not exactly. There are a few things you need to know before you can master the art of brushing your… Read more »

Beyond Cavities: What is a Dental Exam For?

The necessary, and often unnecessarily feared, dental exam–what is it for? We all know that dentists check for cavities, but that can’t possibly take the full 30 minutes of appointment time. You’re right: it doesn’t! Your mouth is like a window into your overall physical health. When a dentist looks inside your mouth for a… Read more »

Do You Really Need to Floss Every Day?

Do you really need to floss every day? Absolutely! Flossing every day is important for good oral health. Why, you ask? A toothbrush can get surface food debris and plaque, but it cannot reach between the teeth and up into the gums, which is where bacteria and plaque like to hide. That’s where floss comes… Read more »

What’s One of Our Favorite Compliments?

“You’re the best!” “Great work!” “Coolest dentist ever!” “Wow, that didn’t hurt at all!” “My smile looks amazing thanks to you!” Those are all great compliments. But do you want to know our favorite? “You work well together.” This one is the most meaningful to us. We always love hearing how comfortable our offices are… Read more »

What is the Difference Between a Cap and a Crown?

You may have heard the terms “dental crown” and “dental cap” used a few times. Do you know the difference between the two? Take a second to think about it before you read the next paragraph. Are you ready for the answer? Here it is: Nothing! That’s right: a dental crown and a dental cap… Read more »

Good Dental Hygiene for Children

Healthy teeth are imperative for one’s overall health, especially for children. Practicing good dental hygiene habits start as soon as your child sprouts their first tooth. The ADA recommends finding a dentist for your child by their first birthday and attending regular appointments as recommended by your dentist. These appointments are important because a child’s… Read more »

Tooth Sensitivity: How Does It Happen?

Imagine: a hot summer day, and you’ve just gotten a waffle cone full of delicious soft-serve ice cream. Your excitement is tangible. You go to take a big ‘ole lick of the delicious treat and then OW. Your teeth! Suddenly your dreams of a cold dessert are dashed. But how? How could something so soft… Read more »

Dental Care & Aging

As we age, we may start to notice changes in our appearance. Graying hair and wrinkling skin are usually the main focus. But other changes to your health are just as important as changes to your appearance. Oral health, for example, can change throughout the course of our lives, making consistent dentist visits an important… Read more »

What is a Cavity & How Did I Get It?

Cavities. Just hearing the word can send shivers down spines. For some, hearing they have a cavity is like having their prized badge of Good Oral Hygiene revoked forever, leaving them disappointed, sad, and in pain. Plus, the thought of getting them filled during a separate dentist appointment doesn’t help. For all the fear surrounding… Read more »

Root Canals: They Aren’t So Scary!

When you tell a patient they need a root canal, it’s usually followed by a look of panic. After the initial shock, their worry turns to questions. What is a root canal? Does it hurt? Why would someone need a root canal? Don’t worry; we can answer all of your questions. According to the American… Read more »