Good Dental Hygiene for Children

Healthy teeth are imperative for one’s overall health, especially for children. Practicing good dental hygiene habits start as soon as your child sprouts their first tooth. The ADA recommends finding a dentist for your child by their first birthday and attending regular appointments as recommended by your dentist. These appointments are important because a child’s… Read more »

Tooth Sensitivity: How Does It Happen?

Imagine: a hot summer day, and you’ve just gotten a waffle cone full of delicious soft-serve ice cream. Your excitement is tangible. You go to take a big ‘ole lick of the delicious treat and then OW. Your teeth! Suddenly your dreams of a cold dessert are dashed. But how? How could something so soft… Read more »

Dental Care & Aging

As we age, we may start to notice changes in our appearance. Graying hair and wrinkling skin are usually the main focus. But other changes to your health are just as important as changes to your appearance. Oral health, for example, can change throughout the course of our lives, making consistent dentist visits an important… Read more »

What is a Cavity & How Did I Get It?

Cavities. Just hearing the word can send shivers down spines. For some, hearing they have a cavity is like having their prized badge of Good Oral Hygiene revoked forever, leaving them disappointed, sad, and in pain. Plus, the thought of getting them filled during a separate dentist appointment doesn’t help. For all the fear surrounding… Read more »

Root Canals: They Aren’t So Scary!

When you tell a patient they need a root canal, it’s usually followed by a look of panic. After the initial shock, their worry turns to questions. What is a root canal? Does it hurt? Why would someone need a root canal? Don’t worry; we can answer all of your questions. According to the American… Read more »

Whitening Your Teeth: What Are the Options?

What’s one of the first things you notice about someone? Is it their hair, their clothes, their shoes? Maybe, but you’ll definitely notice their smile, especially if their smile is bright and pearly white. Whitening your teeth is an easy way to boost both your confidence and the health of your teeth. So how can… Read more »

What’s New?

What’s new you ask? A lot! We have some exciting changes coming to Henritze Dental Group that we want you to know about: New logo. New doctor. New hours. Change can be scary, but we can explain. New Logo If you’ve seen our website or Facebook page recently, you may have noticed that something has… Read more »

Grin and Bare It: What to Do for Dental Injuries

The best part about hockey isn’t the friendly competition or the skating. No, the best part about hockey is the fist-fighting. A National Hockey League (NHL) game without a few people being slammed into the boards, or without a few tussles, isn’t a real NHL game. While the players are covered head-to-toe in padding and… Read more »

Keeping Their Smiles Bright: Dental Exams for Children

Kids grow up so fast. Before you know it, their first teeth are coming in! Children’s dental exams are an important part of monitoring their health as they grow. Since many adults have anxieties about their own dental appointments, we understand that they may be nervous about bringing their kids. Rest assured: we’re trained and… Read more »

We’re Hiring!

We have an exciting announcement to share – we’re hiring! We are currently seeking a full-time dental assistant/front desk staff member to join our team. While experience is preferred for this position, it is not required. For more information about this position, please call our office at 540-989-6600. If you, or someone you know, would… Read more »